Proposed RPA Fourth Amended Bylaws

Dear Members:

The Executive Board has reviewed the Third Amended Bylaws and is proposing that the Membership approve and adopt the Fourth Amended Bylaws. 

The Third Amended Bylaws were approved and adopted at the 2009 Annual Meeting.  The major change at that time was to include Lifetime members; however, the Third Amended Bylaws failed to provide Lifetime members the ability to serve on the Executive  Board or vote. 

A clean version of the proposed Fourth Amended Bylaws and a compare version of the Third and Fourth Amended Bylaws are included as links below for members review.  The necessary amendments in the proposed Fourth Amended Bylaws are to provide for Lifetime members the ability to serve on the Executive Board and voting privileges, to define the duties of various committees, to pull the officer information together in one section, and general grammatical changes for consistency. 

The Executive Board asks that each member review the proposed Fourth Amended Bylaws and provide his or her comments to Shirley Barwick, Bylaws Committee Chairperson at  no later than August 1, 2010.  This will allow the Executive Board to review all comments and incorporate any additional revisions into the proposed Fourth Amended Bylaws and post a final version that will be presented at the annual meeting for approval and adoption.


Amy C. Vaughan, President

Proposed Fourth Amended Bylaws –  Proposed Fourth Amended Bylaws

Compared Documents – Compare Third and Fourth Amended Bylaws