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Michael Yager

e-Discovery: Slowing Down the Train

Friday, August 20, 2010

Noon – 1:30 pm Central Time

Conference ID – 3097

The growth of ESI and the changing Federal Rules to manage electronically stored information in litigation has encumbered law firms.  An exponential growth in the numbers of eDiscovery cases has prompted vendors to enter this market and therefore adverse to law firms.

Our very own Michael Yager will discuss the revolutionary concept of “slowing down the train” of eDiscovery while at the same time paying homage to, and complying with, the Federal Rules which govern what the courts expect from law firms in this complex area.  The theme of the presentation is how paralegals can take back control of this seemingly run-away eDiscovery.

With the realization that no one can relieve the attorney, the firm, and the paralegal of the ultimate responsibility of managing their cases, this presentation offers the tools with which paralegals can confidently take their place back in the main engine of the eDiscovery train, control the pace and speed down the tracks, and once again manage the process.

Michael Yager is a litigation paralegal at the law firm of Spotts Fain.  He has been involved in eDiscovery for nearly a decade, most recently designing and managing an ESI collection in China.  After graduating from the College of William and Mary in Virginia with an M.A. degree, he served several years with the Department of Defense.