NALA Announces Special Membership Program!

NALA is offering a discount off NALA membership dues to corporations and firms with over 5 NALA members.  Good Companies know that employees are their most valuable assets, and a significant number of companies know that investing in employees who are NALA members is good for their balance sheets.  Employers have seen the wisdom of investing in paralegals that show the good judgment and initiative to invest in their own professional development.

To support this effort, NALA offers a 10% discount off membership dues to employers with at least 5 members; 20% discount to employers with 6-10 members; and 25% discount for those with 11 plus more members.  An additional 2% is available to government and non-profit (501-c-3) employers.  Details may be found on the web, under “About NALA & Join.”