So, What’s It Like?!

I want to introduce myself as your 2011 NALA Liaison.  My name is Donna Strauss and I am a corporate paralegal at Genworth Financial.  I have been with Genworth for twelve years and love what I do.  As your NALA Liaison, I plan to keep you informed of all the NALA events and activities this year and answer any questions you have regarding NALA and our affiliation with NALA.

This is my second year with the RPA Board and I wanted to share what it’s like to be on the Board.  My first year was in 2009 when I performed the role of Secretary.  I was new to the Board so I just wanted to sit back, listen to how the Board was managed, and take notes.  It worked well for me, but I had a lot of other activities going on in my personal life that prevented me from giving more time than I wanted to give, so I decided not to continue on the Board the following year.

The reason I joined the Board in the first place was to learn how this organization is run and to get to know other paralegals on a more personal level.  Attending Brown Bag Lunches and Dinner Meetings was nice for me, but as a generally quiet person, I needed a bigger push to network.

So what’s it like to be part of the RPA Board?  It’s a great experience being “behind the scenes” and seeing how decisions are made and working on committees to make events happen for our community.  Every one on the Board is nice and welcoming and they want to make a difference.  All our time is volunteer time, where we spend a few hours in the evening together every other month discussing issues, upcoming events, and voting on actions of the Board.  We keep in touch via email and share suggestions and advice.  The time commitment is not too great, and we have a huge voice in how our association is run and can help schedule and plan activities for our members.

 If you have ever thought about getting involved with the Board but have felt uncomfortable taking that step, please remember that our Board members are just like you.  They are hard-working paralegals who want to make a difference in our community.  They are great people who give of their time to make sure paralegal education continues to be offered to our members and they want to give you something of value to your career.

 It’s not too late to get involved with your Board this year.  Feel free to contact me or any Board member if you would like more information about your RPA Board.

 I look forward to representing RPA as NALA Liaison and I look forward to meeting more of you this year.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our affiliation with NALA, please feel free to contact me.