New ACP – Real Estate Principles

The NALA Advanced Paralegal Certification Board has released the much anticipated Real Estate Principles course! Real Estate Principles is now available online. To access the course description and to enroll, visit the NALA web site/Certification/Advanced Paralegal Certification.

The second advanced course for Real Estate paralegals, Real Estate Principles presents fundamental concepts related to acquisition, possession, use, and transfer of real property. Real Estate Principles is organized in 11 modules, as follows:

1 Definitions
2 History of Real Estate Law
3 Present Estates
4 Future Interests
5 Future Interests Issues
6 Acquiring and Holding Title
7 Easements
8 Real Covenants and Equitable Servitudes
9 Categories of Real Property
10 Defining and Describing Real Property
11 Recording Real Property

 Advanced Paralegal Certifications are now available in 20 practice areas for paralegals. The courses are developed by the Advanced Paralegal Certification board composed of experienced paralegals, paralegal educators and attorneys, with input from certified paralegals. The APC board also works with experienced technical writers in the production of the on-line, curriculum based courses.

 Through this program, Certified Paralegals may achieved advanced certification to enhance their developing careers, or for advanced instruction in practice areas in which they are unfamiliar. The APC program has been growing in popularity since its introduction in 2006. As of March 2013, nearly 3,000 paralegals have achieved advanced certification status.

 Access to the Advanced Paralegal Certification courses is also available to those without the Certified Paralegal credential as an advanced CLE program. Paralegals without the CP credential will receive a certificate of completion from NALA upon fulfilling all course requirements.

 For more information, contact NALA, or visit