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Compiled by Margaret H. Lewis, founding member and past President (1987 – 1988) of RPA

The summer of 1982 was spent in organization.  We met through the summer in a triangle building, in a triangle conference room around a triangle table, where Pat Shelton worked for William R. Shands, Corporate Counsel for Continential Financial Services, a Life of Virginia company.  This triangle building, room, and table were the inspiration for our logo.  Billy Shands had sent Pat to the National Association of Legal Assistants annual seminar and meeting.  Pat arrived back in Richmond with all of the forms needed to start an association.

The Richmond Paralegal Association, formerly known as the Richmond Association of Legal Assistants, became the first NALA association in Richmond and the first in Virginia.  A constitution and bylaws were written and filed in December with the State Corporation Commission.  RPA now had officers and directors, and we would have members after a reception.  This reception and the mailing of the invitations were sponsored by Life of Virginia.  With the support of all local law firms, Jean Proffitt and the University of Richmond, and Susan Brewer and J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, we signed up our first members.  These firms and schools continue to encourage their legal assistants to join and take part in their professional organization and continue their education.

Of the original eleven legal assistants who first met, eight continued meeting the rest of 1982.  They were Julia Davidson, Pam Piercy, Margaret Lewis, Kate Meanley, Brenda Nuckols, Peggy Parker, Pat Shelton, and Jane Lee Sutton.

Past Presidents:

Patricia S. Shelton 1982 – 1985

Margaret M. Parker 1985 – 1987

Margaret H. Lewis 1987 – 1988

Jane Lee Sutton, CLA 1988 – 1989

Linda Binns Liles 1989 – 1990

Vicki M. Roberts, CLA 1991

Patricia S. Stout, CLA 1992

Lucy Strange 1993

Nellie J. Foley, CLA 1994

Betty W. Allen 1995

Jane H. Nuttall, CLA, CBA 1996

Janet B. Kouten, CLA 1997

Frances C. Smith 1998

Patricia C. Anderson, CLAS 1999

Margaret R. Rush 2000

Nancy L. Kinsley 2001

Ann Knobbe 2002 – 2003

Virginia F. Butler, CP 2004 – 2005

Michele Rundstrom 2006 – 2007

Catherine W. Eagles, ACP 2008 – 2009

Amy C. Vaughan 2010

Teresa A. Clark, ACP 2011 – 2012

Kitty Bice, ACP 2013 – 2014

Donna Strauss, ACP 2015

Teresa A. Clark, ACP 2016

Jillian L. Sherman, ACP 2017

Kitty Bice, ACP 2018

Kimberly A. Paulsrud, ACP 2019