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Pro Bono Volunteer Opportunities

The Richmond Paralegal Association (RPA) encourages all members to take an active role in their profession by volunteering in the community through Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

CASA – A child’s voice in court . . . Nothing touches our hearts more than helping a child.  And helping a child who is abused and neglected will affect you in ways you would never expect.

Each year over one thousand children appear before the Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations court because they have been abandoned, physically abused, sexually abused or the victim of some other form of mistreatment.  These children often get lost in an overwhelmed child welfare system.  Richmond CASA thoroughly screens and trains volunteers to investigate the child’s situation and to report their finding to the juvenile court judges. The judges, who appoint CASA volunteers, then carefully consider this information before rendering a decision in the best interest of the child.

Among the 27 CASA organizations in the state of Virginia, Richmond CASA is the third largest.  Every abused and neglected child without a CASA is a child without a voice in court.

Members of the Richmond Paralegal Association (RPA) have supported Richmond CASA by donating their time and school supplies.  To become a RPA CASA volunteer, please contact RPA’s Pro Bono Committee Chairperson.

To learn more about CASA visit